Mingda Tang
Digital Product Designer

Other Work

Business Management and Development - Day Spa


As a new owner of a small day spa in Downtown Ann Arbor, my client needed help with attracting customers and generating sufficient revenue to make a sustainable profit. However, she did not speak fluent English and faced difficulty in using technology to post online advertisements and connect with her clients via the internet.


I accepted her generous request for me to work as her business development manager and translator.

I established her business strategy for 12 months by pinpointing her target customer demographics, designing and maintaining her business' WordPress website to connect with customers, and found several ways to promote her business among college students at the University of Michigan.

I also distributed ads on online platforms such as Craigslist and Groupon, created promotional posters and monthly business plans, and managed property paperwork for her on a monthly basis.

For the first four months of operation, I increased her business revenue by 200%, attracted over 300 customers, and I continued to help her expand the reach of her customer-base across Ann Arbor and the surrounding cities.


Craigslist, Google Voice, Groupon, and WordPress


HCI Application Analysis - Far Cry 3


Analyzing the video game Far Cry 3 using HCI concepts, uncovering implications for design problems and offering recommendations and potential improvements for them.

Key Issues

The three major aspects of the game that has significant usability problems are:

- Inventory Management

- Heads-up display (HUD)

- Weapon storage and modding


Sociology UX Research Project

Research Question

Why do people choose to use certain websites or mobile apps over others?


I conducted an online survey with open-ended and close-ended questions that was open for two weeks. The survey received 62 total responses. Convenience and snowball sampling were used to gather these responses.

Key Findings

People use websites or apps not solely based on their needs or design and usability issues, but due to unavoidable circumstances. Some of them include using websites/apps for school or to operate a business.

Users generally have better user experiences and face fewer problems using the desktop versions of websites/apps compared to mobile versions. Mobile apps may also be more difficult to design compared to desktop apps due to constraints such as the limited processing capabilities of a smartphone.


Facebook, Qualtrics Survey Software, and Reddit


Customer and Community Service - Bryant Community Center


Community Action Network (CAN), a non-profit organization in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed Bryant Community Center into a stable resource and haven for local residents and underprivileged families. CAN needed a responsible staff member to oversee fellowship and religious meetings that are held at the center on a regular basis.


After learning about the service that CAN has committed to supporting for decades, I decided to join as the only weekend staff and administer the center for over 20 guests and emergency food clients. Even though I faced a hectic class workload, I knew that giving up a small amount of my time would be of invaluable assistance to countless families.


Apricot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software




Design a first person score attack game using Python that pays homage to Doom.


Git and Python