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Lupe Fiasco Website Design - Mobile & Web

Lupe Fiasco is a Chicago Hip-Hop artist who discusses many relevant societal topics in his music. Some of his subject matters include racial and economic injustice, substance abuse, terrorism, misogyny, politics, and more.

He is one of my favorite artists and the content of his music has impacted my life in a very significant way.

I created this design using Adobe XD and was completed in a day, so please keep that in mind!

All photos of Lupe Fiasco and his music used in this design belong to him. This is just simply something I did for fun.

A section of one of my web designs.

A section of one of my web designs.

First, I explored Lupe’s current website and I began to have that designer’s itch.

I wanted to explore a different aesthetic and color scheme while maintaining a strong emphasis in showing relevant information of the artist (prominent call to action buttons). I also wanted to explore my skills in visual hierarchy and gestalt principles.

LUPE old-min.gif

I created two designs for the website.

In both designs, the main goal is to promote Lupe's album and his current merchandise for the album, so the call to action buttons (purchase music and merchandise) are still very prominent.

Design #1

LUPE mobile1.gif

Design #2

LUPE mobile.gif

For this web design, I used this black background throughout the left side of the website (instead of what is in the current website).

For the mobile design, I used the black background throughout. I made this design decision due to the serious and often somber nature of Lupe’s lyrical content.

The covers of his two albums, especially Food & Liquor II, were purposely designed to provoke such emotions to his listeners.


On the web version, however, the right side of the panel does not have much value besides adding visual interest, which is something I am aware of. This is why I personally prefer Design #1 for the web version.