I'm Mingda / 明達.

Recent graduate of the University of Michigan School of Information.

I am a firm believer in using music as a way to develop creativity, "soft skills", and empathy for others.

I am a US citizen who grew up in the US while being immersed in R&B and Hip-Hop culture. This fostered my creativity as I grew older.

Life outside of design…

- I sing and write music,

- read about different periods of Chinese history,

- and lift weights at the gym five times a week.

In middle school and high school, I was very involved in musical and and theatrical performance. This gave me years of experience in observing, empathizing with, and working with others.



Life mantra

Patience. Greatness can only be achieved over time, and the journey is what matters the most to me.

Put your ego on the shelf and love yourself.“ - Logic

Designing for humanity

I most recently worked as an UX designer and researcher for CPR Save LLC, a startup located in Santa Monica, CA, that uses crowd-sourcing technology to save victims in need of CPR.

The mobile app is currently in development.

What my logo means

My logo is the traditional Chinese character for the da (達) part of my first name, which means to reach or to attain. Ming (明) means tomorrow, the future, or bright. Altogether, my first name means reaching for the future, for the brightest, and for the best!


What do others have to say about my work?

"I think it's safe to say this effort was the most significant and meaningful effort to re-imagine the booking and client management experience ever done at DaySmart. 

The concepts demonstrated (yesterday) represent a great leap forward for our UX and provide a glimpse of our future.  I'm really glad I got to see it, and very grateful to your team for what was obviously a concerted and thoughtful effort."

- Steve Martin, Chief Marketing Officer - DaySmart Software


"Mingda clearly demonstrated his passion for user-centric design through both his work and the conversations we had. Specifically, he was intrigued by the process of building an engaging and intuitive experience for users...Mingda is an outstanding and meticulous UI and UX designer. Not only that, he has shown himself to be an essential team player during AgroSphere’s agile development process."

- Patrick Hogan, NASA World Wind Project Manager


My 94-pound weight loss journey

I lost 94 pounds in under 10 months using the MyFitnessPal app, a food scale, and some determination.


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